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This section includes answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently.
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Does Imalinx sell or buy products?

No. We support distributors in Latin America and exporters or shippers interested in this market. We help them successfully access the market through tailor made business links and the design of market entry strategies.

Do you promote only imported food items?

We promote all produce, food and beverage companies that want to enter the Latin American market. Our clients are domestic and international.

Are you a merchandising company?

No. We work with promotion and activation agencies across Latin America to successfuly implement point of sale programs in each country as a complement to the general strategy.

Are you business matchmakers?

Our added value includes the definition of an effective market entry strategy accompanied by the adequate filter of contacts, and thus a more integrated service is provided.

What is the story behind your logo?

The link between two complementary gears reflects infinite possibilities of development. There is a balance and enthusiasm that characterizes us with fresh ideas.

What's your current geographic coverage?

We are present in Mexico, Central,South America and the Caribbean.